Old Bridge Mill

It was once a water mill which grinding mill was moved by the water of the river Sabor. Mr. Barilhas was the man who tended the sugar mill and distributed the flour through the town and surrounding villages, carried on donkeys and mules that crossed the river through the Ponte das Carvas, now called Ponte Velha.


The House, opened to the public in December 2011, has been carefully rebuilt, preserving the original structure. The interiors are modern with sober and bright decor. It includes pleasant living and leisure rooms, 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and two "Family Rooms", one consisting of two twin bedrooms and one bathroom and the other by double bedroom, living room and bathroom (this room has also a  private entrance from the outside).

All rooms are different, cozy and with a unique decoration. The house has central heating and fireplace. The outdoor spaces are very pleasant, and in a perfect and beautiful harmony with a wild nature, characteristic of the riverside.


The City

The city of Bragança has a temperate climate. The summer is hot and dry and the days are very sunny, during this season there is almost no rain. The winter is cold and humid, nevertheless, long periods with sunny days are not uncommon. It is one of the Portuguese cities in which it snows the most, although with strong annual variations.

Visiting Bragança brings us a perfect balance between nature and quality of life, making a journey from antiquity to contemporary modernity, contemplating the emblematic buildings, knowing the history of the medieval castle, the memories of the monuments, the traditions in the museums ...

Inspire yourself with breathtaking landscapes, remote villages where there is the most genuine community tradition such as Rio D'Onor and Guadramil in the Natural Park of Montesinho subsists, and taste in the gastronomy of unique flavors.

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